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In line with market demand, Dingli has set up a complete Biomass Pellet Production Line whose core modules include crushing, drying, granulating, cooling, and packaging.

As a new type of fuel pellets, biomass pellets have gained wide recognition due to their unique advantages: compared to traditional fuels, they have not only economic advantages, but also environmental advantages, and also fully meet the requirements of sustainable development.

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Biomass pellet fuel is a block-shaped environmentally friendly new energy produced by processing straw, stalks, rice husk, peanut hull, wood chips, shrubs, etc. Biomass pellet fuel is a high-density pellet, which compresses the volume on the basis of raw materials, saves storage space, is also convenient for transportation, and reduces transportation costs. Moreover, the combustion efficiency is high, it is easy to burn out, and the amount of residual carbon is small.

Dingli has many years of experience in building sawdust drying and pelletingprojects and will provide customers with equipment in accordance with its requirements in strict accordance with the contract. Dingli Wood Pellet Production Line has been exported to Russia, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Morocco, Tunisia, and other regions. Welcome customers to visit our factory!

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