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Sand has no unique advantages in nature, but it has a wide range of uses after being dried by a sand dryer. River sand, yellow sand, sea sand, etc., these sands are divided according to the size of different particles, the particle size is different, the purpose of the sand is also completely different. There is no way to divide the sand when it is wet. At this time, you need to use a dryer to dry the sand and enter it into the linear vibrating screen. Through different screen meshes, the size of the sand is divided and stored separately.

The River Sand Dryer is generally suitable for granular materials and can be used to treat river sand, dry-mixed mortar, yellow sand, cement plant slag, clay, artificial sand, quartz sand, slag, cinder, fly ash, gypsum, iron Dry powder, limestone, and other raw materials, especially dry sand, river sand, quartz sand, and other materials have excellent drying effects. It is widely used in building materials, chemicals, casting, and other industries. It is drying equipment that handles a large number of materials, with a large production capacity, wide application range, and reliable operation.

Dingli sand dryer can dry materials with an initial moisture content of 15% to ensure that the final moisture content is below 0.5-1%. It is the preferred product for various drying projects such as cement plant slag powder and dry mortar production lines. It is better than traditional single-cylinder dryers. Improve thermal efficiency by more than 40%.

Dingli three-layer Sand Drum Dryer occupies a smaller area than a single-cylinder dryer, runs efficiently, is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The equipment supports customization. For more information, please consult online.

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