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Coconut coir is the residue after opening the coconut shell. Coconut coir has a strong ability to absorb water, good ventilation, immune to insects and deterioration, sanitary and environment protection, etc. It has been used for mushroom, fruits, vegetables, flower culture as a medium, high-grade flower plant potting material, and large scale agricultural crops soilless planting base material in the desert area.

After desalination and dehydration, the coconut coir will be fully dried inside the Coconut Coir Dryer, and the moisture will be reduced to 14-18%( can be adjusted according to customers' requirement). When the drying process finishes, the coconut coir will be discharged by a screw conveyor.

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The special Cocopeat Dryer has been verified with a large number of experiments by the Dinglicompany. It is a professional drying machine that is designed according to the characteristics of the coconut coir and fiber to meet customer’s requirements. The equipment has the characteristics of large output, strong ability to dry precipitation, high efficiency, energy-saving, convenient operation, reliable product quality, safety and sanitation, small footprint, etc Detailed information can be consulted online. Welcome to your inquiry.

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