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Soybean processing will produce a lot of waste bean dregs, what is the use of bean dregs? High-humidity bean dregs can be made into feed pellets by using processes such as dehydration, drying, crushing, stirring, molding, etc. At present, many enterprises have selected the complete Bean Dregs Drying Production Line for processing.

After the bean dregs are dried, it has a certain feeding value. The bean dregs contain about 8% fiber, 28% protein, and 12.40% fat. The nutrients are higher than many dregs, so they can be used as feed ingredients. Moreover, the feed processed by the bean dregs has good palatability and can meet the needs of different farmers.

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In the Dingli complete bean dregs drying production line, the extrusion dewatering equipment removes the moisture of the bean residue to about 60%. After the material enters the Bean Dregs Dryer, the moisture quickly drops below 12% (to avoid the gelatinization and saccharification of the materials during the drying process), causing the appearance of the material to be black.) And with a complete dust removal device, the operating environment is good. The whole drying system adopts electric centralized control, the hot air temperature is automatically adjusted, the degree of automation is high, and the operation is convenient. After the drying section, it can be matched with the subsequent sections such as crushing, mixing, granulating and packing. The related equipment specifications and models are available, and also can be customized. Welcome to online consultation.

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