Brewer's spent grain is the solid materials left by the brewery after the main raw materials for beer production, such as malt, rice and hops, are filtered or pressure-filtered by saccharification and gelatinization.
The coconut fiber has the characteristics of anti-mite, anti-bacterial, non-corrosive and elastic, and is a traditional raw material for mattresses and cushions, which is highly praised by the market.
Zhengzhou Dingli Fermented Soybean Meal Dryer has been in operation for more than ten years. It uses tumble dryer as carrier, low cost, large processing capacity, small floor space, high drying quality, low energy consumption and environmental protection.
The whole production line consists of solid-liquid separator, heat source, feeding machine, feeder, chicken manure dryer, discharge machine, induced draft fan, unloader, deodorizing equipment, pressure ball machine and power distribution cabinet.
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