At the beginning of March, Jiangsu customers purchased our Brewer's Grain Drying Equipment. The two parties reached an agreement on the details of the project cooperation and signed the contract. Last month, the equipment was finished and shipped to the
According to the latest news from the after-sales department, the bean dregs dryer project signed by Anhui customers and Dingli has been completed and installed, and will be put into production soon.
After close cooperation with various departments, the Coal Slime Drying Equipment signed by Dingli Group and Shanxi customers has been finished and shipped to Shanxi yesterday. Next is the installation and commissioning phase, which will be officially put
Biomass energy is the fourth largest energy consumption in the world after coal, oil and natural gas. According to the market demand, Dingli has configured a Complete Biomass Pellet Production Line, the main modules including crushing, drying, granulatin
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